Some mural designs created for fraternity parties on my college campus. Juliette Ulrich and I have been creating these murals consecutively since our sophomore years, and usually do 2-3 a year. Having a love for layout and composition, I come up with a simple design in my sketchbook, and later discuss with Juliette to refine it further. Then,  I take the design into Adobe Illustrator and finalize a very simple design guide. Once the general design is set, Juliette and I begin to spray paint the murals in the backyards. We then go in to touch up the murals with acrylic paint and paint pens. The Luau 2017 mural was painted by Juliette Ulrich, Kitty Kenyon, and myself, and the Luau 2016 and Oktoberfest 2017 were painted by Juliette and myself. We have also done smaller-scale projects for other groups on campus.
Oktoberfest 2017
Luau 2017
Luau 2016
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