This branding project was done for my Typography and Graphic Design class while studying abroad in Barcelona at ELISAVA. We were tasked with choosing a restaurant in the San Antoni neighborhood of BCN and rebranding their print materials and personal brand under the name Tapa BCN. 
My process involved selecting a restaurant, The Fish and Chips Shop, identifying some key qualities of the restaurant, and re-imagining them to fit my Tapa BCN style.  I wanted to keep to a nautical color scheme, and decided on yellow and blue to challenge the typical red and blue palette. I believe the yellow and blue embodies the sunshine upon the open ocean, which is a classic element of Barcelona. As seen through the photo grid, I went through many different logo designs before finally deciding upon my anchor and fish pattern. As a class, we critiqued each of the logo designs I created and came to the conclusion that the anchor design embodied the restaurant's simplistic persona the best.  The last two images of the grid are the final result. 
Once I finished the branding, I took my work to my Packaging Design class to partner up with another student to create a to-go tapas packaging design following my branding created in Graphic Design class. 
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