This project was created in collaboration with Santy Ramirez in our Packaging Design course while studying abroad in Barcelona at ELISAVA. 
After re-branding a local Fish and Chips restaurant, I took my graphics and company branding to team up with Santy to create a to-go tapas container.  I had used a sardine for my fish pattern, which led us to want to envision our fish and chips made from sardines due to their prevalence in the Meditteranean. We entitled our packaging product "Sardinas Bravas" to play upon patatas bravas, a traditional Catalan tapas dish. 
After identifying our references, creating intended costumer personas, and putting together inspiration moodboards (pictured above; we do not take credit for any products, designs, or images found in our moodboards), we began sketching concept designs (huge shout out to Santy for his amazing free-sketching skills). We then settled on our final design and created a sardine-tin-shaped disposable packaging that would separate the fish and chips, as well as provide a bar of sauces through the middle. The packaging is then tied up in a carrying device to both draw connections to mom and pop shops found in Barcelona and to keep the bundle together on its way to its final destination. Additional heating instructions are also printed on the packaging sleeve. 
We hoped to embody a sardine tin by utilizing the disposable fork as the opener for the package. For further information, please contact me or Santy!
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